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Taming the Machine:
Ethically Harness The Power of AI

AI is transforming our world, supercharging productivity and driving new innovations.
Taming the Machine reveals how you can responsibly harness the power of AI with confidence.

About The Book

AI has the potential to become a personal assistant, a creative partner, an editor and a research tool all at once. But it also represents a threat to your livelihood, data and privacy. Taming the Machine offers the practical insights and knowledge you need to work with AI in an ethical, responsible, and safer manner.

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In this book, celebrated AI expert and ethicist Nell Watson offers practical insights on how you can ethically innovate with AI. It delves into the ethical issues of unbridled AI, highlighting the challenges that it will bring to society and business unless we fortify cybersecurity, safeguard our data, and understand the dangerous potential of artificial intelligence.

Step into the future and supercharge your performance safely by Taming the Machine.

Taming the Machine Ethically Harness The Power of AI​

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What’s inside the book

What people are saying about Taming The Machine:

"A clear, actionable guide for safer and more ethical AI"
Jaan Tallinn
Co-founder, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
“A great resource for anyone who wants to understand AI and to use it humanely."
Steve Omohundro
Founder and CEO, Beneficial AI Research
“Nell Watson has written the magisterial work on AI risk, including AI's encoded human warts, its relentlessly algorithmic amorality, and our inadequate means of taming it. A complete and compelling work.”
Max Borders
Author and Co-founder, Future Frontiers
“In this sweeping overview of the potential promises and perils of AI, Nell Watson masterfully combines a detailed understanding of the underlying technology and approaches being used to develop AI capabilities.”
Jonathan Leighton
Ethics Strategist and Author
"I found this an excellent read, which sums up the current state of development of AI computing and looks at some pathways and some possible outcomes. Each chapter has the references at the end so it's easy to follow, and there's a glossary but no index. The writing is nicely done and there are some clear tables that are very helpful."
Clare O'Beara
Award-winning Author and Journalist
"'Taming the Machine' beautifully unpacks the complexities of AI and its ethical considerations. Watson has produced a seminal text for technical and non-technical readers alike to guide us as we introduce AI into the human experience."
Lillie Beiting
Senior Manager and Enterprise Architect
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Nell Watson, author of “Taming the Machine: Ethically Harness The Power of AI”

About Nell Watson

Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson, a pioneering ethics and machine intelligence researcher, has been a driving force behind some of the most crucial AI ethics standardization and certification initiatives from organizations such as the IEEE.

She advises leaders all over the world on ethical and effective management of world-changing organizations.

Taming the Machine: Ethically Harness The Power of AI​

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Step into the future and supercharge your performance safely by Taming the Machine.

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